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Our community of tax professionals is at the highest levels of organizations in every industry segment. We will find you the leader of today through a network of tax professionals that we’ve already built a relationship with, and that will take our phone calls. Yes, we have a thorough market mapping and outreach process to rival any executive search firm, just that instead of cold outreaches we are getting direct introductions to just about every tax professional in the relevant space. No postings, no assumptions, transparent process—we get it done!

Our clients comprise some of the most respected tax departments and firms in North America, they all demand the top tax talent.

The network and relationships we’ve created are why our services are in high demand. That and our experience and knowledge allow us to deliver the tax talent that everyone wants, but few can find.

We’ve spent years delivering a differentiated experience at a level of excellence to that community.  Most tax professionals DO NOT apply to postings, those same professionals DO return our calls and make introductions to their networks.

If you are building, expanding, or upgrading your tax team, call us—it’ll be the last call you have to make!


We have worked with Foxwood several times in recent years and have been impressed with how their knowledge of the tax industry has simplified our searches.  They take the time to understand our needs, help us understand the recruiting environment and do a great job of identifying and short-listing quality candidates. Their tailored approach provides comfort and confidence.  For senior level tax searches, we will definitely look to Foxwood again.

– Nick K, Vice-President Taxation, Large Family Office

Features Of The Service

Proactive Recruiting

We are constantly recruiting and being introduced to tax professionals, and by having detailed discussions regardless of a specific position means that we get their true skill sets and desires. Meaning no “massaging” of experience to fit a specific role.

Wish List

We dive deep into understanding what our candidates truly want, what progression looks like for them, and how they define an ideal company, culture, industry, position, etc. No square pegs into round wholes—we do it the RIGHT way!

No Postings

Recruiting firms use this to bolster “their” database, not solve “your” recruitment needs. It doesn’t work, least of all within the tax community, and we refuse to do it.

Candidate Profile

We go beyond the traditional interview, and use the detail to create a comprehensive profile. Clients will know goals, strengths, weaknesses – everything. This allows you to have more meaningful conversations and helps you make the right selection. The “first” time.

Interview To Placement Ratio

We maintain one of the lowest interview to placement ratios in the industry, meaning you are not wasting your time meeting the wrong candidates before being comfortable making an offer to the “right” tax professional.


Talk to us about our guarantee. We do our due diligence before allowing a placement to happen, and because of that, our placements “stick” for much longer than those of other search firms.

Connect with us to get answers to your questions.

I'm growing my team