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Our Mission

Our mission is to positively change the game of recruitment. Creating a remarkable experience for tax professionals, and the executives that hire them.

We achieve this through a combination of methodologies, constant innovation, and the continuous personal and professional development of our A-Team.

No job sites, no job postings, no social media posts with your job details. The trend in the recruitment industry is to focus on only postings and social media “call outs.”

We do things differently, and our approach allows us to maintain one of the lowest interview-to-placement ratios in our industry!


Hear It From Our Team

Our deep, pinpoint search process allows us to deliver our service at a level of excellence unsurpassed in the world of tax recruitment.

Get to Know the Foxwood Team

With a niche in tax, we can work across all industries and within every niche within tax.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 North America head office, Public Accounting firm, scaling company, or adding your first in-house tax person, we understand you.


History Of Company

Founded by a CPA who—after hearing the frustrations of senior tax executives and CFOs with their existing options for finding great tax professionals in the market—created a specialized recruitment and consulting firm dedicated solely to the recruitment of high-performance tax professionals.


Foxwood started helping our clients throughout Canada find great tax professionals in the United States and other countries around the globe. We were able to do this through our unique and differentiated approach, and our ability to do our great work virtually.


Officially expanded our services into the United States.
Foxwood started looking to outside innovation, that along with our already differentiated methodologies created a remarkable recruitment experience for the tax community we serve.


Expanded the executive team and developed into the Foxwood A-Team, we also created a focus internally for the different geographies we are operating in. Making our specialization and niche in tax even more relevant to the tax professionals and CFO’s that we are working with.


Launched Foxwood Firm Search, with a team that is focused purely on assisting tax professionals open to making a move within the firm world.



At Foxwood Tax Search:



We believe that by working within the narrow niche of tax, we are able to develop mastery within our space.


We DON’T BELIEVE in working outside of our niche, for any reason!



We believe in a transparent process, regardless of if you are working with us to progress your tax career, or to improve/grow your tax team. With us you will always know what’s going on.


We don’t believe in trying to squeeze the wrong person into an opportunity, or the right person into the wrong opportunity! We value the careers and the teams of the tax professionals we choose to work with.



We believe in a mindful approach to every conversation and discussion. We understand that your team and/or your career are of the utmost importance, and we prove it by listening, asking questions, and NOT making assumptions.


We don’t believe in making assumptions; we learn about what’s important by asking questions… Period!



We believe in being held accountable.


We don’t believe in recruiting against our clients, rather we are an extension of their talent team and a consultant within our niche of tax.



We believe in development and excellence. It is always possible to do and be better.


We don’t believe in doing a “good job.” We are constantly striving for excellence as it relates to our mission to positively change the game of recruitment for tax professionals.


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Foxwood was an incredible partner and I look forward to working with the firm again. Foxwood builds trust with both executive hiring managers and candidates through every interaction, ensuring no detail is missed and expectations are set. The firm presents candidates strategically with the aim of using time as effectively as possible.
Kelsey Dunn, Head of Recruiting (Forte)
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We have worked with Foxwood several times in recent years and have been impressed with how their knowledge of the tax industry has simplified our searches. They take the time to understand our needs, help us understand the recruiting environment and do a great job of identifying and short-listing quality candidates. Their tailored approach provides comfort and confidence. For senior level tax searches, we will definitely look to Foxwood again.
Nick K., Vice-President Taxation, Large Family Office
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I was looking to hire a Director of Tax in one of our US offices and decided to work with Foxwood Tax Search as these searches tend to be difficult, and the specialization seemed like it would be a huge benefit. I was not wrong. The team at Foxwood Tax Search took the time to dig deeply to truly understand the technical details of the role and what I needed, not just what was written on a job description. They took the cultural fit we needed into account, worked well with everyone internally that was involved, and the outcome was better than I could have expected. I have now used Foxwood Tax Search again for a Tax Manager position, and again they've nailed it! I would highly recommend them.
David W., VP Taxation, Canadian Private Multinational
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I have worked with the Foxwood Team multiple times resulting in several successful recruits, and I am impressed with the unique approach and deep level of customer service. Focusing on tax search only pays off for Foxwood as they understand the needs of a tax department, and deliver the most relevant candidates within a short time frame. For each search project, I am given no more than three candidates who are well prepared for the challenges ahead of them.
Lu Zhang, SVP Taxation and General Accounting
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After several months of searching for a Tax & Compliance Specialist to join our team without success, we engaged Foxwood Tax Search. Finding the right fit was very important to us. They were very professional, explained their process, and undertook an in-depth discussion with us to comprehend the role. With a clear understanding of our requirements, they were able to make recommendations to adjust what we thought we were looking for to what we needed. Within a few weeks we had successfully made our hire. Consequently, I would highly recommend the team at Foxwood Tax Search.
David J. Alexander, CFO
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I was looking to expand my team and engaged Foxwood Tax Search to source and screen candidates. They provided a professional experience and were fantastic to work with. Foxwood Tax Search took the time to fully understand the role that we were hiring for and the needs of the organization. This resulted in a smooth and seamless recruitment and interview process. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Foxwood Tax Search.
Derek Chan, VP Tax